Brexit Fear? Expand Your Business Globally

Crossing35 is an AI-enabled platform specifically built to help British CEOs tap global markets and expand their business globally. And Yes, we use Artificial Intelligence.

The best strategy in a slow economy

The best way to win in a slower economy is to look for markets that are growing faster than yours and tap them.

As a CEO, if you are struggling with a slow economy and with events like Brexit, you MUST consider expanding your business globally. This is the strategy larger corporations use.

English-speaking markets like India have been consistently experiencing economic growth at a rate THREE times faster than the UK - this offers a massive potential for British businesses to tap into.

And when you go global, you not only have the opportunity to increase your revenue and profits, but you can directly increase the valuation of your business.

Though the strategy itself is quite simple, most CEOs don't tap global markets because they do not have the tools or the knowledge to do it.

This is the problem we have solved for you.

Using Artificial Intelligence, and with inputs from global business experts, Crossing35 has now made it possible for CEOs like you to expand your business into markets like India in as little as 11 months.

What is Crossing35?

Crossing35 is an AI-enabled platform built specifically to help CEOs tap global markets and expand their business globally through cross-border partnerships.


Who is it for?

Our platform is for both British CEOs who want to tap global markets, and for CEOs worldwide who want to do business with companies in the UK.

Registration is by invitation only. Please send your request for an invite below.

Why use Crossing35?

  • We identify and guide you through the best route to market for each country. This saves time and removes potential frustration.
  • The platform is a one stop shop for all the information and training required to explore foreign markets.
  • For less than half the cost of a minimum wage worker in the UK, we make it possible for you to tap into global markets efficiently, easily and effectively.
  • You will gain invaluable insight into your business's capacity to go global.

Request your invite now. It's free.

If you are a business leader, irrespective of which country you are based, we invite you to register now. is by invitation only.

This is to ensure that business leaders who we invite to use the platform, will actually benefit from it. 

Getting started is very easy.

Step 1: Get registered. Its FREE and you will get listed in our Global CEO database. Use the attached form.

Step 2: Get your invite. Once your details are verified, you will get an invite to use Crossing35.

The CEO's Toolset to Go Global

Crossing35 - The Support



    Our aim is to make the ease of tapping international market nearly as easy as operating within Europe. We believe the combination of human assistance plus artificial intelligence is essential to deliver a level of service that is powerful, easy and intuitive.

    We call this assistive-tech.

    You will have online and telephonic access to a team of experts standing by to help with information that is not available through the conversational assistants.



    We believe the best method to tap any new market is through a partnership with a local business in the target market. Local business leaders bring in local business expertise and infrastructure that is crucial when you enter an unfamiliar new market.

    We will help you find your potential business-partners using our proprietary business profile matching algorithm. This is powerful.

CEOs who want to go global have never had it so good. Every country is rolling out the red carpet as the spotlight moves to international business expansion now, and away from exports.